1. My mom posted this photo on my FB wall this morning along with some sappy message about how I brought skateboarding, BMX and other things to their attention at a young age.

    Those are my younger brothers. As parents, I terrified them not by being a cut up in school, but by building kicker ramps and dirt jumps in the woods with my friends.

    They worried, tried to dissuade me from skating and riding, even though I never broke a bone. Instead, they encouraged soccer… I kept skating until I was 23, when I got serious about cycling.

    We were broke as shit growing up, but I made things happen - no that’s not a Bones Brigade deck, but it’s what we could afford - hell I think we bought it at a yard sale but I loved that damn skateboard.

    Run what you brung. 



  2. no sus no fuss!


  3. Mellow is a man that knows what he’s been missing…


  4. #Vanlife